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Elevator - Qi Wireless Charging Base with AC adapter
Model NO:UNINC-690QA
Features:Elevator - Qi Wireless Charging Base with AC adapter

1) WPC Qi 1.1 compliance, simple and portable design charging pad compatible for all Qi devices.
2) Adjustable charging pad design provide effective height-adjustability to charge vertically and horizontally for mobile phone and tablet, easy and convenience.
3) It allow adjusting the charging pad to suit Qi devices which receiver located differently, user can stream movie & music while charging on the stand without bothering of messy cords.
4) Blue LED indicator shows the working status.
5) Includes a 5V/2A AC Adapter, cable length: 1M
6) Dimension: 72.5 x 78 x 90mm
7) Input: 5V/1.8A
8) Patent in China and pending in US and Taiwan region.

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